Intellectual Privacy published soon!

CoverMy new book “Intellectual Privacy” is off to the printers, and will be published by Oxford Press on January 2, 2015. The book is about how we think about privacy and free speech in our digital age, and why many of our old ways of thinking about these hugely important values are wrong. Most important, it’s about what I call “intellectual privacy”: privacy for our minds, our reading, and our communications, especially when we’re using digital technologies that create detailed records of what we’re thinking, reading, and saying. It’s not specifically a book about Edward Snowden, but it explains why most people found the Snowden revelations disturbing, even if they couldn’t exactly say why, and even if they had no ties to terrorism. And if I do say myself, I think it’s a great read, full of interesting characters from Louis Brandeis to Ryan Giggs, from Hulk Hogan to prohibition bootlegger Roy Olmstead.

You can pre-order Intellectual Privacy on here. It’s even on sale: